Students measuring an excavation site


The Anthropology Department at SUNY Buffalo State University has a contemporary, progressive, and rigorous program spanning the study of humans globally, from ancient eras to the present. Our faculty specialize in archeology, biological anthropology, and cultural anthropology. This enables our students to gain insight into the study of the historical and Indigenous archaeology of New York State, primatology and forensic studies, and the inquiry into contemporary human societies and cultures. We train our students to respect humans and non-humans, to gain facility with scientific and empathic modes of understanding, and to become respectful global citizens.

Our faculty work to overcome racism, colonialism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination in order to further social justice and combat social inequity. The department features an anti-racism curriculum that emphasizes high-impact, active learning practices. Our anti-racist curriculum addresses power dynamics and equity issues explicitly and brings awareness to stereotypes and prejudices while promoting respect for and value of differences in cultural and biological aspects of humankind.

Students are required to have an internship as part of their undergraduate program, which engages them with organizations in Buffalo. Students also have the opportunity to conduct independent research and engage in hands-on experiences, including working at local archaeological sites. In addition to our students who pursue graduate degrees, many of our alumni work in cultural resource management, in museums, and with refugee and immigrant populations.